Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Worth It

If you could guarantee targeted leads, would you spend the money to do so? Of course you would, but which marketing strategy is right for you and your business? Recent trends in marketing tell us that businesses not only have to be reliable, but also trustworthy and relatable. Talking to potential customers face to face is the ultimate way for businesses to build strong relationships and establish a reliable brand. Developing a great trade show presence is costly, but here are reasons why you should consider exhibiting at the East Bay Business Expo.

How do you determine whether or not a trade show is right for you and your business? Here are a few reasons why trade shows are worth it:

Brand Recognition

Engaging with trade show attendees should be your top priority. As an exhibitor, you are an extension of your brand. Well-run campaigns that ensure that attendees know that your business will be there to answer their questions, and get to know your business is the first step. The second step is finding ways to stand out at a trade show in a sea of other exhibitors. For more information and ideas about building brand awareness, read more in Urban Interactive’s Blog, HERE

Facetime Marketing

Social media has changed the way businesses interact with targeted customers online, but nothing can replace the power of a face to face conversation. As a human being, we appreciate and respond to real life interactions. What do you talk about as an exhibitor at a trade show? Whatever you do, don’t open a conversation with a sales pitch. If attendees are genuinely interested in talking to you and ask about your products, or services, then a good place to start is to uncover reasons for stopping at your booth.

Discovering new reasons why potential customers are interested in learning more about your products, or services could save your businesses thousands of dollars in marketing research alone. Exhibiting at a trade show not only establishes great customer relationships, but also provides valuable insights into understanding your customer’s needs. For more information about how to interact with trade show attendees, read more, HERE

Lead Generation

Investing in mailing lists is very costly and time consuming. Another way businesses save on marketing expenses is by having attendees fill out a direct mailing list. Choosing the right trade show is key to collecting a valuable mailing list full of potential customers. Before following up right away with a general business email, it’s a good idea to send a personal email that invites attendees to opt into, or subscribe to a recurring e-newsletter. This not only ensures that your emails will be welcomed, but also gives them a sense that you are interested in meeting their needs. For more information about building an email list, read more, HERE

Competitor Insights

Your business is not the only one registering to exhibit at a trade show. Local trade shows like the East Bay Business Expo may also invite your competitors to showcase their products and services. Staying one step ahead of the competition is another reason to consider investing in trade shows. For more information about how you can use trade shows to gain competitive intelligence, read more, HERE

Getting to know your competition is the best thing you can do to help grow your business. Discovering new ways to improve your own products and services is value in itself.

Exhibiting at a trade show is the best thing you can do for your business. Not only are you directly learning more about your target audience and their needs, but nurturing a relationship, which could benefit your business in the long run. It’s important to follow up after a trade show right away, very much like a job interview to show how much your business values the time spent at the trade show.

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