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Integrative Mental Health Conference


Saturday & Sunday - November 2 & 3, 2019

Workshop Descriptions



Saturday Workshop #1 Options - 9:00 - 10:30am

Stealth Organisms And Their Affects Upon The Brain

Victoria Malchar DC, CCSP,ABAAFM   

Neurodegenerative changes to the brain from stealth organisms are complex and multifactorial. Complicating triggers by stealth pathogens such as viruses, bacteria’s and fungus can lead to a lifetime of cognitive and emotional decline. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia are on the rise, but when lifestyle changes are implemented early enough it can impact the potential progression and allow for neuroplasticity to occur. If we can start looking at potential triggers and be aware of their complications we can develop strategies to improve patients brain health, so they can maintain a better quality of life.

To help the clinician recognize the early signs of neurodegeneration, so they can help their patients implement lifetime changes for a healthier brain and less stressful life.

Integrated/Holistic Mind Body Approach to Weight and Wellness

Elizabeth Rocchio, MD

What could a truly integrated approach to weight & wellness look like? Can we welcome everything that could be helpful, excluding nothing? What is the place for medical treatment like pills and surgery? What about behavior change like diet, exercise, and sleep? What role do our thoughts and emotions play in weight and wellness? What about our social and spiritual connections? This session will provide practical tools to put it all together, emphasizing mind-body medicine.


To learn practical tools that can be used as guides in implementing an integrated approach to weight and wellness for “providers” and “patients” alike.


Integrated Diagnostics for Applied Psychosynthesis IDAP

Lissa Wheeler, MA, LMT

Ayelet Connell, PhD, PT, IMP

Integrative Manual Therapy is a holistic bodywork approach which includes a model for emotional healing called IDAP. Mapping is a method of reading the body with the hands to determine the precise location of repressed emotional energies. Process Centers are used to determine the nature of these energies. We will demonstrate the assessment and the process center techniques. We will teach how to integrate using process centers which can be used with any therapeutic model.

This session will demonstrate a model for making an emotional map of the body and a hands on self-care system called Neurofascial Process to balance emotional energies.


Replenish at Work: Micro-Restorative Practices to Promote Well Being    

Cathy Alvarez, MA, RN, CNML, HNB-BC

Pam Mulligan, BSN, RN, RYT-500

Mindful awareness lends an opportunity for skillful response to self-care and guides us to

engage in healthy behaviors to optimize health and well-being. Mindfulness will be introduced to

assist participants in gaining insight into the physical, mental, and emotional states of the body.

Experiential exercises (body scan meditation and gentle stretches) which can be incorporated into the workday to release tension and assist in the exploration of deep relaxation will be presented.


This session will help deepen awareness of a whole person approach to wellness through

understanding the value of authentic presence and self-care in sustainable caregiving and

examining mind-body techniques to diffuse stress and build resilience.

Saturday Workshop #2 Options - 11:00am - 12:30pm

Neurobiology of Trauma & Its Application to Successful Treatment

Judith Swack, Ph.D, MPNLP, C.Ht

Trauma is structured and cleared in layers. It has neurobiological underpinnings that need to be accurately mapped to be successfully treated. Participants will learn the structure of trauma and an evidence-based technique from the field of Energy Psychology for rapidly clearing trauma from the conscious mind, unconscious mind and


This session will help you understand the two major categories of trauma with their components, define the differences between them, and use a meridian tapping technique for releasing traumatic emotions.


Hypnotic Coaching for Personal Change

John Koenig, MA, BCH

Hypnotic Coaching combines the tool of hypnosis with personal coaching or traditional psychotherapy to help clients change thoughts, behavior and emotions.


This presentation will introduce participants to hypnotism with an understanding of how it can be incorporated into their existing practices in order to help clients accelerate results.

The Ecology of a Wild Soul 

Steve Cook, MA

For thousands of years human being evolved as an integral part of Nature. Our physical, emotional and spiritual world was shaped by natural forces and Modern society has left many people feeling disconnected from the Natural world. Over the last few decades psychologists have discovered how time spent in and around Nature leads to a greater sense of health, happiness and well being. This is especially true in cases of anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma.


A New Way To Grieve

Susan Lataille, CHC

Healing from grief and loss is a complex, ongoing, and multidimensional process that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. This session addresses the healing journey of a one woman after the loss of her son. As Susan share her story it provides an atmosphere for others to do the same.


The presenter allows a look at grief and loss from a different prospective while creating a safe space for understanding, compassion, and release. 

Saturday, Workshop #3 Options - 1:30 - 2:30pm

Spirituality & Cancer: Responding to Psychospiritual Causes with Advanced Integrative Therapy. (AIT)      

Lisa Bowker, MSW                       

Cancer can be a profound wakeup call. Spiritual disconnection can stand in the way of inner guidance and healing messages from within. In this workshop you’ll see how Advanced Integrative Therapy’s (AIT) combination of depth psychotherapy and energetic trauma treatment can usefully support ongoing medical and complimentary cancer treatment. Learn how spiritual trauma, blockages and resistance affect the healing trajectory, and how to activate positive qualities through your chakras.


This session explores psychospiritiual causes of cancer and ways to support a client’s ongoing medical and complimentary cancer treatment by increasing spiritual presence.


Kambo: Amazonian Frog Medicine

Luke Stefano, Kambo Practitioner

Kambo is the indigenous name of Phyllomedusa Bicolor, an Amazon dwelling tree frog whose venom has been used for generations as both a preventative medicine and a targeted treatment for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. The benefits of Kambo have been mostly unknown to the world outside of the Amazon until fairly recently, but is quickly gaining recognition as a powerful tool in the treatment of a wide range of physical and mental health conditions.


This presentation will by led by a trained Kambo practitioner who will elucidate the spectrum of medicinal properties and therapeutic potential of Kambo in the Western world.

Profitable Therapeutic Practice

Melissa Da Silva, LICSW, Author

For most practitioners starting, running and growing a business isn’t taught during their training.

Most practitioners are told that making money should be the last thing on their mind when

helping others to heal. The truth is, you need to make money to run a business, support your

lifestyle, and be a fully present therapist. My talk will teach you the basics of starting, running

and growing your therapeutic business.


This session will give you the roadmap for starting, running and growing your therapeutic business, through examples, expert tips and a bit of humor.

Evolutionary Astrology as A Tool in your Psychotherapy Practice

Yumin Tan-Gutierrez, LICSW

Evolutionary Astrology is not predicting the future or merely describing Capricorns and Libras. It is actually a comprehensive system that can be used for personal growth and self-awareness. In this session, I will provide real-world demonstrations to dive into the key principles of Evolutionary Astrology that may uncover personal insights or learn how it can be a supplement to psychotherapy.


Attendees of this session will receive an introduction to Evolutionary Astrology and learn how it can be used for personal growth or as a tool in psychotherapy.


Saturday, Workshop #4 Options - 3:00 - 4:30pm

The Third Wave: Psychedelics & Psychotherapy

Alexa Ellis, MA, CAGS

Therapists are calling it the Third Wave and psychedelics, also known as Entheogens, are quickly becoming a popular modality of healing. This workshop will explore popular new research, topics, and modalities that explore psychedelics as a therapeutic tool. Topics such as plant medicine, integration counseling, psychedelic assisted therapies and microdosing will be explored. The format will be guided information with room for open discussion, handout of current research and resources and Q & A at the end.


This workshop is open to all attendees and presents information based on neuroscience, anecdotal, and evidence based research for the mechanisms of the psychedelics, the social/cultural implications, and the value of integration work.


Note: This workshop does not promote use of psychedelics for all constellations of needs and does not endorse the consumption of illegal substances.


Are you being {Para} Sympathetic to Your Patients? Here’s why You Should

Sally Davidson, ANP, IFMCP

Here’s why you should.

1. The autonomic nervous system consists of both sympathetic NS and Parasympathetic


2. Discussion of Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome

3. The SYMPATHETIC system;

a. stimulates the medulla of the adrenal glands which in turn secretes

catecholamines epinephrine and norepinephrine.

b. The effects of this response include increased blood pressure, increased heart

rate, increased sweating, and constriction of the blood vessels.

c. The catecholamines also modulate the immune system.

4. Parasympathetic NS is an important restorative aspect of sleep and digestion.

a. The anatomy and physiology of the vagal nerve system

b. The polyvagal theory

c. How to stimulate parasympathetic and inhibit sympathetic drive

5. What can go wrong when we are in “constant fight or flight?”

a. Adrenal fatigue

b. Weight gain

c. Sleep disturbances

d. Immune dysfunction

e. Chronic disease

6. How do we help to treat patients?

a. Light exercise

b. Dietary adjustments; vitamin deficiency replacement

c. Meditation/Yoga

d. CBD utilization/herbal support

e. Vagal nerve exercises

f. Technology


Learners will be able to demonstrate enhanced understanding of how the autonomic nerves

effect emotions, and ways to treat vagal dysfunction.


Deathwalking: The Ultimate Journey of Liberation

Jan Lucier, MSN, RN, HNB-BC CCAP

Shamanic practitioners heal both the living and the dead. While we are living, we can prepare

daily for our ultimate journey to freedom and liberation. In addition, we can guide discarnate

spirits, who are stuck due to unfinished business, find emotional and psychological closure and

then successfully transition. It is possible to enter death with serenity and anticipation of the great journey ahead. We will be taking two experiential journeys together during this session.


This session will familiarize you with the shamanic practice of deathwalking/psychopomp

(escorting souls to the afterlife); as well as decreasing your own fears related to our ultimate

journey of liberation.


Answering the Emotional Need to Return Back Home to Self

Karendayal Devi, ERYT-500

“A Meditative, Regenerative, Healing Approach To Yoga” An invitation to hear and feel a way of transforming modern stress and excessive doing through balancing the hemispheres of our brain and internal rhythms. Experience yogic technology in the form of movement meditations, breath, and vibrational sound that allows you to access your own personal pharmacy within. Recognize all the ways its costing humans that are not returning back home to themselves. Enjoy a unique blend of education through Karendayal’s story telling

and leading you through embodied experience.


This session will help you feel and discover the refined healing essence that can be generated from within.


Sunday, Workshop #1 Options - 9:00 - 10:30am


Sounds like Wellness: Medicine Songs & Sounds for healing Mind, Body, and Spirit

Nicole Benisch, Certified Yoga Instructor & Herbalist 

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacings of the spheres” - Pythagoras


Imagine the sound of fingernails moving across a chalkboard, or an ambulance barreling down the road with sirens blaring. Now consider the sound of gentle waves breaking upon the shoreline, or a warm summer wind flowing through the forest. Notice the effect that the mere thought of these sounds has on your body, and you will begin to understand how sound can used to powerfully support physical, emotional, and spiritual health! From mantras and kirtan of the Yogic tradition to the Icaros (healing plant songs) of South America, sound has been used in cultures around the world to promote healing and cultivate joy for thousands of years. In this session we will explore how mindfully curated sound can be used as medicine - both on its own and in tandem with many different holistic healing modalities. Feeling is believing so the session will close with a restorative sound bath, in the angelic vibrations of crystal alchemy singing bowls. 

Ayurveda and the Mind: Understanding and Harmonizing the Elements of Mental Well Being - Part 1

Jonathan Glass, M.Ac

In a world where religious communities are often not spiritual, and where spiritual communities often neglect the psychological, it is vital to create sanctuaries and support groups/sanghas that help us work with the spiritual dimension of our psychologies and root our lives and communities in Spirit. This workshop will blend experiential, didactic learning, and discussion. We will, together, co-create a safe space so that we can do healing work with ourselves and each other.


Participants will learn two foundational psycho-spiritual practices that foster rigorous self-presence, self-responsibility and self-love.

Meditation to Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Pain

Dr. Alan Post, DC

Meditation calms the body and slows our brain waves to states of deep relaxation. This 90 minute session will review the science that verifies the extraordinary effects of meditation on the brain and our health. The enhanced neuro-hormone effect, the reduction of detrimental neurotransmitters created by anxiety and stress reactions,

enhanced clarity of thought, decrease depression, increase in memory, concentration, learning capabilities, mental equilibrium, sleep patterns, and emotional stability will all be covered. There will be a meditation demo providing a personal experience of this powerful, ancient, yet simple meditation technique.


This session will provide you the knowledge to utilize the extraordinary benefits of meditation for both your own life and in assisting others on their journey to improved physical & mental health, emotional stability, and spiritual fulfillment.


Homeopathy and Psychology

Vandana Pike, BHMS, MS, CCH

Homeopathy is a natural, safe, effective and non toxic form of medicine. Homeopathy is a healing modality which takes holistic and individualistic approach to treat all ailments from physical as well as psychological disease conditions. Homeopathic remedies are being used from last 200+ yrs for various mental health issues; and various researches have been conducted and shown effectiveness of this system of medicine. With cases presentation I would like to show how effective homeopathy is when it comes to treating psychological health conditions.


Sunday, Workshop #2 Options - 11:00am - 12:30pm

The Wisdom Wheel Way - Reconnecting to the timeless truths​ in atimeless way to reduce anxiety and increase life’s overall meaningfulness.

Cynthia F. Davidson, MA, Author

Participants will take their seats on the ground (if outside) or floor (if inside) on pillows ranged around a large set of 36 engraved stones set up to represent the compass directions and the Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. The change of posture hints at how different this experiential session is.


A short presentation will be followed by a much longer question and answer period. Participants will be introduced to the wheels of the world as ancient, timeless frameworks for reconnecting to the wisdom missing from the lives of most modern, urban people. From the daily rhythms of life, to the natural cycles of seasons and life passages, the
wheels restore a felt sense of being connected and supported by what is foundational, true and absolute.


Cynthia’s version of the Wisdom Wheel, developed in 1996, adds 36 Universal Laws as entry points to the vast wisdom of the world’s wheels. Learning these bedrock principles, and discussing them, revives our connections and deepens our bonding experiences in daily conversations. Participants will receive a poster of the Wisdom Wheel and one of the 36 stones to keep.  

This workshop introduces practitioners to the vast wisdom of the world’s wheels, including native American medicine wheels, the lo pan compasses of the Chinese feng shui masters and the chakravartin wheel of law in India. They will learn how these wheels have been used to set the overall context for one’s life journey for centuries in older cultures, long before modern psychology. As maps of Ultimate Reality, they reveal how our whole life plays out inexorably in relationship to everything else. Time permitting, we will discuss how participants can incorporate the wheels in their work.


Introduction to the Expressive Arts as a Holistic Wellness Practice

Christopher Kavi Carbone, MA, RDT (Registered Drama Therapist), C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist), E-RYT

Discover how contemplative approaches to the expressive arts, with creative process-oriented experiences, can help support mental and emotional wellness. This workshop will provide an overview of the benefits of the expressive arts, along with creative exercises including: the power of imagery, movement and sound as complementary approaches. Learn more about how arts-based approaches can be enhance everyday life, and for your clients/patients/students, as support for overall well-being.


This session will help you to successfully and simply integrate these contemplative practices utilizing the Expressive Arts, into daily life as a self-care practice, for oneself and others.

Trauma & Addiction Panel

Maria Sorensen, MA, LCDP

Beth Rocchio, MD

Jude Rittenhouse, MA, NKH

"Every addiction begins with pain and ends with pain”, Eckhart Tolle. An addiction includes both substances and activities that distract us from feeling pain and simultaneously cause negative consequences. Hence, more pain. The addict is not a bad person who needs to be shamed and punished. The addict is a worthy human being who is suffering from severe pain and is seeking relief from that pain.   


This panel will help you gain more understanding and compassion when working with addiction and deepen your knowledge around its impact on the addict and their loves ones. 

Doula Approach to A Meaningful Death

Susanna Massari, LMT

We will explore how an end-of-life doula can be an added layer of care and assist an individual with advance planning, vigil planning, legacy projects, how one would like to have their final days unfold, the disposition of one’s body, and burial options. An equally important element in this discussion is respecting the belief systems of the dying, remaining non-judgmental in their reflection and views of life, and what beliefs they may have about life after death.


This session will open the conversation to a more conscious relationship with death, the important roles of end-of-life doulas, useful information on advance planning, legacy projects, vigil planning, home funerals, and green burials.


Sunday, Workshop #3 Options - 1:30 - 2:30pm

Lifestyle Medicine: Utilizing the Big 6 to Optimize Health & Wellness

Carol Garcia-Benoit, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Attendees will learn compelling facts about Lifestyle Medicine, an evidence-based branch of medicine proven to prevent, treat, and sometimes reverse many health conditions. The Big 6 that are also known as the pillars of lifestyle medicine will be defined. Information and tips to optimize each one will be discussed. The session will also include a demonstration of stress reduction techniques and an opportunity to have your questions about lifestyle medicine answered.


This session will teach you research proven information and techniques to optimize physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness.


Diagnosis Hypnosis

Catherine Hanson, RN, LNHC

Learn how hypnotherapy is effectively making a difference in combination with psychotherapy to

help clients break through their patterns of behavior and thinking, along with an experiential

sampling of hypnosis.

Jin Shin Jyutsu and Self Care

Mara Prentice, DC

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a simple, gentle, yet powerful Japanese Harmonizing Art that brings balance to the body’s energy. Jin Shin Jyutsu promotes optimal health, well-being, and facilitates our own profound healing capacity. Through gentle holding of fingers, and points on the body, we can observe and experience the harmonizing of our breath, spirit, mind, body and emotions.


This session will empower individuals with simple ways to assist and support their body’s powerful innate ability to harmonize the breath, spirit, body, mind, and emotions.

A Holistic Approach to Anxiety: Integrating Self-Acupressure, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Creative Expression, Guided Imagery and Mind Skills (Mind-Body-Heart)

Sherri Snyder, MA, LMC

Lori Maher, ABT, RYT, CYT

This “hands-on” and interactive session will provide participants an active way to weave various healing modalities into multi-faceted “Anxiety Program”.


Participants will learn a holistic approach to treating Anxiety. Participants will learn at least 4 self-acupressure points, 3 specific Pranayamas (Breath techniques) to quiet the central nervous system, 3 creative arts techniques, one Kundalini yoga set, and complete a brief guided imagery.

Sunday, Workshop #4 Options - 3:00 - 4:30pm

Forgiveness is a Process: Steps Toward Forgiveness and Peace

Brandi Gifford, LMHC

Forgiveness is like a path that we walk, with steps that eventually lead toward freedom and peace. Participants learn about the process of forgiveness, and the steps we take to recognize and heal stuck feelings and beliefs. During the workshop, participants will be lead through a series of compassionate body-mind exercises that provide healing and insight around areas in their lives that they would like to forgive and release. This simple step-by-step guide can be used after the workshop for continued healing, providing freedom and peace.


This workshop will provide information about the process of forgiveness, and participants will learn a step-by-step guide of body-mind skills that will lead toward peace and freedom.


Benefits and Applications of Yoga for Mental Health

Jude Rittenhouse, MA, NKH

Guided meditation and an expressive art exercise will help us center in our bodies and receive Divine Feminine wisdom. We’ll talk about what the world longs for, what we’re in the process of regathering, and how we can assist through our own commitments to deeper self-compassion and remaining grounded: present. A writing exercise will help us connect with what we’re ready to learn and embody. Kabbalistic teachings and poems may provide additional guidance and inspiration.


This workshop will support and deepen your self-work by giving you a first-hand experience of connecting with the healing power of the Divine Feminine, which you can then take into your work with others.

Affect Regulation in Couples Therapy: Taming the Amygdala Hijack

Alan Groveman, Ph.D

Elizabeth Brown, Psy.D

The role of attachment and affect regulation will be addressed as a basic framework to inform

work with couples. Participants will learn the neurological underpinnings of affect regulation and

the impact early attachment trauma plays in marital conflict. Several examples demonstrating

specific techniques using the attachment- affect regulation model will be presented. Research in

support of the attachment-affect regulation approach will be reviewed. Audience participation and questions will be encouraged.


Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice specific techniques required in helping couples reprocess the emotional responses that maintain relational distress.

The Power of Words for Healing and Self Expression

Laura Gostin, MA

This workshop will provide an overview of the benefits of expressive writing along with experiential writing methods used to access an individual’s inner voice in an attempt to heal, de-stress, and cope with a variety of life stressors. The presenter seeks to advance understanding of the importance of self-expression through writing as a vehicle for healing, personal growth, and transformation.


Writing strategies and techniques to assist self-expression and healing will be implemented in this session.

Sunday 4:30 - 5:00pm- Closing